Tourdates Postponed

It’s not without ample remorse and apology that we must announce the postponement of our upcoming tour dates. 

It’s also not without long and arduous consideration that this decision was made- but before we address those reasons we would like to first acknowledge and empathize with the feelings that you as a fan are likely being met with at this moment. 

We know the disappointment that you must feel in hearing this announcement because we as a band have experienced a great deal of it ourselves in having to both construct and deliver it. 

That being understood, we want to punctuate the fact that no one wants to be on the road again more than us. 

After nearly one whole decade of dormancy, the prospect of getting back on stage and intimating once again with our fanbase has been a horizon we’ve clung to throughout the darkest doldrums of this pandemic. 

But despite what we may want personally, there is a responsibility to you, our collective and much-loved fanbase, that is greater than those desires. 

The fact of the matter is- while we fully believe we are inching ever closer towards endemicity, there are still challenges that the exhausting concept that is this pandemic still presents. The most direct challenge presented to this tour- attendance. 

While many of you are able, willing, and equipped to navigate the risks of coming to a live performance, it’s come to our attention that there are still a considerable number of you that are either not comfortable with (or in many cases) able to do so yet. While we want to honor and give our due gratitude to those planning to attend, we also need to consider those who aren't able to. 

It’s been many a long, absent season since we’ve played live, much less many of these places that we are set to visit. We want full rooms each night. We want you in our faces and we want to pull you up on stage so that you can jump headfirst into oblivion. We want a pit there to catch you. We want to take photos with you cheek to cheek and not at arm’s length. 

We have intimate VIP sessions planned that we want to execute fully to that definition. We want EVERYONE who wants to be there up there with us when we pass through town. 

That is why we have chosen to do this, and we hope you will understand if only in time. As such, we are fully aware that not everyone will share our perspective and that some degree of bitterness and disenchantment will surely leave its mark with some. 

But- knowing you as we have been fortunate to know you over the decades of getting to know you, we are confident that in your heart of collective hearts the majority of you will understand and furthermore come to appreciate the greater level of communion that this decision will bring in the long run. 

Rest assured, we will erase all of these setbacks with every drop of blood, sweat, and promise available for us to give and we WILL return to the stage and to your town. We didn’t come back for nothin'. When the time is right we can and will all celebrate this return the way it was meant to be celebrated. 

Refunds will be processed over the course of the following days/weeks. If you have questions regarding them please contact your ticket issuer and/or the venue you'd planned to attend. We don't have information on refunds or when they go out. We just know that they do and will. We'll plan new dates as soon as possible.