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We will be hitting the road and beginning the year's first leg of touring next month beginning Feb. 18th. This is only the first part of many more tours already being actively planned, so if we're not riding through your neck of the cemetery this go around, rest assured we'll be close very soon. Check out the dates, Mark your calendars and come spend the evening with us. We look forward to seeing you!  MIDNIGHT APPROACHES! 

European tour 2015 (with Christian Death) recap 

After a week of awesome shows, and a reunion with great friends, I'm back home in America already enjoying the memory. Hell Nights 2015 was nothing short of a success on every angle it could be measured. Thanks to the guys in Nim
Vind as well as Jackal from Crimson Ghosts for stepping up to the plate and being the solid and supportive backing band that they were. Nim Vind as well at The Other reminded me nightly why I fell in love with both bands so many years ago through shared billing on Fiend Force Records. It was also a distinct pleasure to meet and befriend all of the exceptionally talented and wonderful people in Christian Death. I could go on and on about every little detail that made this tour the amazing experience that it was, but I'll keep it simple by saying thanks to everyone involved behind the scenes and in front of the stage. Every part of
My body aches and I love it as well as worked for it. It feels great to be moving forward from
this tour into even more better days and announcements. I have all of you guys at the shows and in my corner to thank for it all. This has been a wildly eventful year, and one of the best at the same time. Hope you're all ready for a new album and lots of ensuing stage diving because 2016 is going to be LEGIT.