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Tourdates Postponed 

It’s not without ample remorse and apology that we must announce the postponement of our upcoming tour dates. 

It’s also not without long and arduous consideration that this decision was made- but before we address those reasons we would like to first acknowledge and empathize with the feelings that you as a fan are likely being met with at this moment. 

We know the disappointment that you must feel in hearing this announcement because we as a band have experienced a great deal of it ourselves in having to both construct and deliver it. 

That being understood, we want to punctuate the fact that no one wants to be on the road again more than us. 

After nearly one whole decade of dormancy, the prospect of getting back on stage and intimating once again with our fanbase has been a horizon we’ve clung to throughout the darkest doldrums of this pandemic. 

But despite what we may want personally, there is a responsibility to you, our collective and much-loved fanbase, that is greater than those desires. 

The fact of the matter is- while we fully believe we are inching ever closer towards endemicity, there are still challenges that the exhausting concept that is this pandemic still presents. The most direct challenge presented to this tour- attendance. 

While many of you are able, willing, and equipped to navigate the risks of coming to a live performance, it’s come to our attention that there are still a considerable number of you that are either not comfortable with (or in many cases) able to do so yet. While we want to honor and give our due gratitude to those planning to attend, we also need to consider those who aren't able to. 

It’s been many a long, absent season since we’ve played live, much less many of these places that we are set to visit. We want full rooms each night. We want you in our faces and we want to pull you up on stage so that you can jump headfirst into oblivion. We want a pit there to catch you. We want to take photos with you cheek to cheek and not at arm’s length. 

We have intimate VIP sessions planned that we want to execute fully to that definition. We want EVERYONE who wants to be there up there with us when we pass through town. 

That is why we have chosen to do this, and we hope you will understand if only in time. As such, we are fully aware that not everyone will share our perspective and that some degree of bitterness and disenchantment will surely leave its mark with some. 

But- knowing you as we have been fortunate to know you over the decades of getting to know you, we are confident that in your heart of collective hearts the majority of you will understand and furthermore come to appreciate the greater level of communion that this decision will bring in the long run. 

Rest assured, we will erase all of these setbacks with every drop of blood, sweat, and promise available for us to give and we WILL return to the stage and to your town. We didn’t come back for nothin'. When the time is right we can and will all celebrate this return the way it was meant to be celebrated. 

Refunds will be processed over the course of the following days/weeks. If you have questions regarding them please contact your ticket issuer and/or the venue you'd planned to attend. We don't have information on refunds or when they go out. We just know that they do and will. We'll plan new dates as soon as possible. 





Behold! After a torturous amount of pandemic-induced delays, we are pleased to announce that Blitzkid’s ESCAPE THE GRAVE tour will be hitting the road in Feb. 2022! 

Although our original plan was to embark in the fall, we ultimately chose to kick things off a bit later as doing so allowed us to add more cities and shows to the tour.  

Tourdates are listed above- and both general admission- as well as VIP tickets (limited to 50 per show), go on sale 06/18/21 at 10:00 am (local times). 


In some cases, a few of the venues have changed, and a couple of the dates and cities have moved around a bit. Despite these changes, most of the new shows are being handled by the original promoters. If you already bought GA or VIP tickets- they will be honored.  In the few cases that this doesn’t apply- a refund will be offered so you can purchase new tickets.   

As of last March, many of the shows were already inching towards sold-out status, and in some cases, VIP packages are already sold out.  So make some moves on Friday, and don’t deny us the opportunity to see/hear as many of you as we can out there!  

It's been a brutal year with zero live music experiences, and we want nothing more than to see each of these rooms packed to capacity and roaring with life each night.    

Huge thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding as we worked through the setbacks.  Your support and belief in our music mean everything to us, and we can’t wait to finally share it with you live and loud!  Go get your dancin’ shoes on and SELL. THIS. MOTHER. OUT.   Long Live the Horror! 

From the Depths, 

Argyle Goolsby & TB Monstrosity 


*To everyone attending our Philly show- IT IS STILL ON. The date is most likely changing to be towards the end of the tour, but hang tight for now, and we will announce that date and ticket links as soon as we have confirmation from the venue

Help Bring a NEW Classic Monster to The Witch's Dungeon 

ACWNN are teaming up with The Witch's Dungeon to bring the Metaluna Mutant from the 1955 Sci-Fi classic to The WItch's Dungeon.  Opened in 1966 by a then 13-year-old Cortlandt Hull  (Nephew to Henry Hull of Universal's 1935 classic "Werewolf of London "), The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum has become the longest-running wax museum/classic horror memorabilia exhibit of its kind.

Along with displaying one of a kind props costumes and set pieces, The Witch's Dungeon takes visitors on guided tours that feature highly accurate life-size figures based on the classic films of Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, and others from the golden age of horror & sci-fi cinema.

Currently, The Dungeon houses 20 of these striking figures, but having recently moved to a larger location, it has been presented with the opportunity to use the extra space to expand its collection- more specifically in the area of its "Atom Age Alcove". 

Occupying this shadowy corridor is "The Creature From the Black Lagoon " whose impressive 6 ft. 3" figure cast entirely from the original suit mold from the 1954 classic.  Neighboring the Gilman is one of the "Mole People " from the 1956 film whose head and hands have also been cast from the film's original costume molds. 

Missing however from this Atom Age trifecta has been the iconic "METALUNA MUTANT" from the groundbreaking sci-fi film "This Island Earth" (also released by Universal in 1955). Missing until now.

Just recently The Witch's Dungeon located an incredible lifesize (7 ft) figure of the eerie mutant expertly sculpted by artist Doug Hildebrand, but we need YOUR help in securing the remaining funds needed to bring him home to The Dungeon.

The Witch's Dungeon is and has always been a  NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION that exists SOLELY on the generosity of donations made by its wonderful patrons. Every aspect of its exhibits have been either hand-built by Cortlandt or donated directly by the studios or the families of the actors it tributes.

For this reason, we are calling on all Monster Kids out there for the donations needed to bring this icon of Sci-Fi celluloid to The Dungeon- where its story will be preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come. 

For those donating $50 or more, we will add your name to a commemorative plaque that will feature the names of all those who donated to this campaign.  This plaque will be placed in the "Movie Prop Room" next to the ORIGINAL Metaluna Mutant headpiece used in the actual film which is on display year-round at The Dungeon.  This headpiece (the only one in existence) was gifted to The Dungeon by makeup artist John Chambers who saved it from being thrown away back in the 1970s.

If you'd like to make a donation please visit and help bring this figure to a place where its story can be preserved for generations to come.   


TRACE OF A STRANGER Illustrated Lyric Book 


The next installment of the BLITZKID illustrated lyric book series ascends the murky depths and into the shadows of 

In keeping with the series' classic CRESTWOOD HOUSE MONSTER BOOKS theme, this newest addition presents 18 pages of handwritten/hand-drawn illustrations-covering each track off of Blitzkid's 2003 album- TRACE OF A STRANGER! 

Each 8.5" x 11" book features full-color glossy pages and is bound in a satin-finished saddle-stitch cover. 

In conjunction, we are also releasing a new shirt/sticker design directly inspired by the Crestwood Monster Series itself. 

BOOKS! Check em' out! 




April 17th is International BAT APPRECIATION DAY- and to help celebrate our most nocturnal of allies- Blitzkid will be conducting a charity fundraiser sale from which all profits will be donated to the bat conservation program at “The Wildlife Education & Conservation Center” in Garfield, NJ.  

As a band, Blitzkid has an enduring fascination with these amazing mammals, and for years has wanted to help contribute to the much-needed education and protection of these oft-misunderstood creatures. To accomplish this- we are launching a limited edition ”BLITZBAT APPRECIATION DAY” design on Friday that will be available for one week as a T-shirt, racerback tank-top, and die-cut Sticker. Afterward, we will vault the design and donate all profits to the Wildlife Education & Conservation Center.  

As a registered 501 C (3) non-profit organization, the Wildlife Education & Conservation Center has been helping bats and many other species of incredibly important wildlife for over 20 years. From outreach educational programs to their hands-on mini-zoo, they are exceedingly dedicated to the preservation of this vital species.  

Items go on sale at 12:00pm (EST) this Friday (04/16) at and will be available until noon on 04/23 so be sure to join us in lending a hand to these endearing icons of the night! 

 For more info on The Wildlife Conservation & Education Center, please visit 


Argyle Goolsby.  TB Monstrosity. 


Vote for us in the 19th annual RONDO AWARDS 


The Witch's Dungeon and I have been jointly nominated for two Rondo Awards in the categories of 

BEST FILM RESTORATION for our reissue of "Nosferatu" with my score/commentary, and 

BEST DOCUMENTARY for "Unmasking the Masterpiece" (The Phantom of the Opera documentary which I produced for the Witch's Dungeon). 

The Rondo Awards (named after the cult character actor Rondo Hatton) have been a renowned accolade within the horror world for nearly two decades now. Each year they recognize and award the top contributors of research, creativity, and preservation within the realm of classic horror through a fan-voted system. 

If you have both a minute and the inclination to do so- cast your votes in the aforementioned ballots by emailing and copy/paste the following statement into the email body: 

"I vote for "Nosferatu" in category #5 and "Unmasking the Masterpiece" in category #10".   

Be sure to include your first and last name with the vote, and that's it! 

 The deadline for votes is April 25th and more info on voting can be found HERE.   WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR TIME AND VOTES! 

Long Live the Horror, 

Argyle Goolsby

Argyle Goolsby to unveil art exhibit  

As the calendar page turns into another month, so does the rotating exhibit at Black Hydra Tattoo. Throughout the month of March, Argyle Goolsby will be the featured installation in the “Ephemeral Gallery”- where signed artist prints of the design series he's created in conjunction with his recent Nosferatu musical score will be on display as well as available for purchase. 


Blitzkid's ALL HALLOW'S STRE'EM is coming to VINYL and DVD! 

Whether you missed the monster-muppet rock and roll extravaganza that was Blitzkid’s ALL HALLOW’S STE’EM, or you were there and wish to relive your daring escape- you’re in luck! 

On 01/15/21 at 3:00PM EST Blitzkid will launch a limited run of 250 DVDs of the entire performance that will include a special features photo gallery of over 100 behind the scenes photos and a bonus audio CD of the performance! (DVD is NTSC/ Region 0) . 

For those itching to trap the madness in wax, we’ve got you covered as well!  On the same date and time, Blitzkid will simultaneously release a limited run of 250 double LPs of the show- available in 2 color configurations (featuring an exclusive silkscreen logo print on Side D) and housed in a sleek, reverse stock gatefold jacket! 

Both of these items will move FAST, so dont miss them! 


Finally- If you’re alarm is set, but you’re still biting your nails to hear it- you can head to  (or CLICK HERE) now and download the entire album in either wav or FLAC, and be  automatically entered to win a DVD and Vinyl bundle signed by the entire band! 

Blitzkid will draw the winner live on 01/28/21, and contest entries end 01/25/21.  The digital download includes a 90 page booklet featuring an array of behind the scenes photos from the performance. 

(DVDs and Vinyls will ship out the third week of February)!

Argyle Goolsby joins Black Hydra Tattoo 

I’m pleased to announce that I will be joining the very talented crew of Black Hydra Tattoo in Fitchburg, MA  as a resident artist and collaborator. Black Hydra is an artist owned & operated custom body art studio headed by three of central Massachusetts’ most vetted and adept body art practitioners- Mat Gallagher, Emily Shortsleeves and Brad Touchette. I’ve been a long time admirer of their collective skillsets as well as professionalism so I consider it a great honor to have been asked to work amidst their ranks.

 For more information on the shop and appointment inquiries- please check us out at and  give us a follow at as well as instagram (@blackhydratattoo) to keep up with future announcements as they unfold!

Long live the horror!


ACWNN Prod. proudly Endorses

ACWNN Prod. proudly Endorses