From the recording Darken Your Doorstep

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Argyle Goolsby- Bass + Vocals + Keys, Carlos Cofino- Guitar, Johnny Ott- Guitar, Dave Noonan- Drums.



Creak Creak go the boards at the base of the stairs
Up, up jump the roots of my trembling hair.
Boom, Boom resounds a sound in the darkness somewhere
Oh could it be? My guest is here?

Tick,Tock blares the clock I can no longer ignore
Snip, snap pops the latch on my powerless door
Sick, sick is the sensation salting my pores.
I’ve never hosted quite a guest before...

Hey, Mr. Babadook!
How do you do?
He said: "I'm doin fine, but don’t be burnin' our time.
You know we’ve got some work to do".

Oh, what a sight to see this dapper shadow appear!
Perambulating, undulating, increasingly near...
And following the ripened, heightened scent of my fear.
A friend or foe? I’m not exactly clear.

Oh, not a word was heard, but when I shuddered a gasp
He snapped back, jet black, tipping his hat.
The silence was excruciating I will admit.
I had to curb my quiet fit.

Hey, Mister Babadook!
How do you do?
He said: "I'm doin' fine, but don’t be burnin' our time.
You know we’ve got some work to do".

"Good sir... I sympathize that youre a bit paralyzed to see me standing here. I understand your surprise, but time is not an ally on my side. I advise you let me out before my patience tries".

He drew a little closer, and I noticed his face
resembled that of someone that I knew. Right away I found myself standing eye to eye with the wraith of my very own reflected rage.
Just a mirror and an empty gaze.
Just a man simply entertaining hate.

Feels like I've known you all my life.
Seems a little bit silly that I was scared before.
How long were you waiting for me outside?
I do apologize! I've been a little down. Let's go and hit the town, and take a walk around.
I know a few people we can visit on tonight....