1. Rose Grows Red

From the recording Darken Your Doorstep

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Argyle Goolsby- Vocals, Mike Groch- Bass, Carlos Cofino- Guitar, Johnny Ott- Guitar, Dave Noonan- Guitar



Bled and dead, a rose grows red.
Fed soil tainted by strife.
Long and lush, this verdant bush
will press its' course of life.
Underneath the black, packed soil
a scream begs to arise.
Silenced by the summer up above.
She's forced to hide.

But lo! It's only time that keeps her spirit chained.
Entwined and blind by roots that bind deep in her blue remains.
The rainy season soon will send its gift, and wet the ground.
And this town will know what sadly grows neath' this tainted mound.

Bloom in gloom outside a window to a bedded room.
Brush and thrust the boughs of my distress. The witness moon.
Crimson buds fed by the blood scratch softly on the pane.
I distract the dreamers there
In fact I scream their name.

But lo! These summer nights will cipher out my code
when the waking ones rise, rub their eyes from ill repose.
Subliminal- the criminal act settles in their brain,
and they will dig to see their vision beget my remains.

As I whisper gently, and we both go crazy, strike the root up from the soil.
Relocate the annoyance.
Snag my wrist...
It leads the way...

I’m found

Bled and dead a rose grows red.
Bled and dead her rose grows red.