From the recording Darken Your Doorstep

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Argyle Goolsby- Bass, Guitar and Vocals,
Carlos Cofino- Guitar, Johnny Ott- Guitar, Dave Noonan- Drums



The mist is swirling, and the sun will rise.
We will behold the dawning with our eyes.
But today those rays are not alone
in bursting through our homes.

The noon is higher than it's ever been.
Decapitated cows, and slaughtered men.
Above us hovers on a fleet of death.
We hold onto our breath, and fade
away to nothing.

The final night has fallen. So have we.
Our hope is smoldered in a boiling sea.
Noisy neighbors always dealing war.
Now stellar Karma's at our door.

A lung constricting pain will steal us of our breath.
A plasma-tronic ray will strip us of our flesh.
We took this planet for granted.
Too late to see that we are the final resource to deplete.

Destroy all Humans!

You'll feel the bite.
Intergalactic might.
Loved ones nowhere in sight.

This planet's ours. It's ours tonight.