From the recording Darken Your Doorstep

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Argyle Goolsby- Vocals, Bass and Guitar,
Carlos Cofino- Guitar, Johnny Ott- Guitar, Dave Noonan- Drums



Stranger, don’t be afraid.
I am in no shape to do you harm.
Though frightened you surely are by me
Grant me a moment’s bended knee.

Dismiss this blood spray on my clothes.
I can assure you it is my own.
Though I lay bearing no cruel wound
The witch on the ford surely sealed my doom.

Oh God, I think I’m marked!

Stranger lend me your ear.
Hear these last words of a dying man.
I testify a great misdeed.
My true love’s heart I have aggrieved.

I broke off for another belle
She conjured up vengeance.
She conjured up hell.
She put that webbed witch there square in my path.
Soaking my clothes in the blood of the past.

From round yonder bend
She came closing in
The shadowy washer at the ford

Jacklights in her eyes
Foretelling demise.
The shadowy Washer at the Ford.

Stranger could it be that we have met some place before?
You bear resemblance to my lover whom I’ve recent scorned.
Yes fallen friend, we did aquaint once on a stroll
Round’ yonder bend, now let me wring those stains out from your soul.

She wailed as she washed
She laughed at the cross
I hastily patterned cross’ my chest.
My vestment she wrung, and ruefully flung
These burgundy stains upon my breast

From round yonder bend
She came closing in
The shadowy Washer at the Ford
Jacklights were here eyes. Foretelling demise.
The flickering Washer at the Ford.