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  1. Spiders and Flies

From the recording Saturnalia of the Accursed

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originally from the 2012 "A DREAM NOT QUITE REMEMBERED" e.p. Now out of print.
Argyle Goolsby: Guitar, Bass and vocals.
Chris White: Drums.



I never asked to be this way
But was required to serve for the master.
I never questioned anything.
Now here I am- a fucking disaster.

Flies and spiders in webs I now adore
As remnants of those I once loved slip away.
They've given up on me, and I’m to black care
But I care. Sometimes I still care.

I gave them everything I had.
The master said he'd come back for me.
Glued to this tiny window I have yet to see
His ship, Her face, my prize.

I've got a funny feeling all has been in vain.
Sometimes I see the world turning outside.
And then I see my shaking hands, my hair now grey.

Apart from them, Stung by the Master Lie.
They're coming to take me away..