1. Weirdos

From the recording Ad Nauseam Memoriae (FLAC)

TB Monstrosity- Guitar & Vocals / Argyle Goolsby- Bass & Vocals / Chris White- Drums. Written in 1998. Instruments recorded in July of 2012 at Sonic Design (Bristol, TN.) Vocals recorded in 2021 at SRG Studios (Hamilton, NJ.) Engineered and mixed by Sean Glonek.


They try to silence us- the freaks who don’t belong.
We walk into the dark and sing its siren song.
Our brood-trust it consumes. The outcasts have a face.
We are the monsters that strike fear into this place.

Ain’t nobody gonna hold us down.
You cant get rid of us. We’ll always be around.

And if you walk the streets at night- you’re ordinary.
And if you’re fed up with this place- you’re ordinary.

Cast all the stones you want- you’ll only make us strong.