From the recording Saturnalia of the Accursed

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Originally from the 2013 "Under The Witness Stars" e.p. Now out of Print.
Argyle Goolsby: Guitar, Bass and Vocals.
Drums: Chris White.



Wrong turn. I learn late in the game.
Ask myself why it is that I even came.
Call upon my will, skill, feel break free
Or a black glad trash bag is my destiny.
In the last house on the left.

Pounding on the beams. Screams no one can hear.
Every breath is pain, but equally dear.
Running for my life. Knife stalking the pulse.
Heart beating, bleeding, leaving trails on the floor.
In the last house on the left.

Screaming deep inside this gutted room.
A reeking reminder of a molded past.
The killer's shadow waits and fills the crack beneath the door
And pulls on the rusted latch.

Lips numb, dumb, brain locate the pain.
Broke leg. Run, stunned, shock of the sprain.
Senses slowly fading. Wading waist high in webs.
The smell of blood and brass. Crass smell on my hands.

In the last house on the left.