From the recording Saturnalia of the Accursed

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From the 2015 single. Digital only release.
Argyle Goolsby: Guitar, Bass and Vocals.
Chris White: Drums.



I break my anger up against a patient sigh.
You lie. So do I, but in a different way.
I lie in wait to watch you as you fall from grace.
My face you will remember on a chosen day.

All I know is something will come out of all this nothing
And the silence that I'm bluffing will resound and cry
Like the striking of an hour when your star has lost its' power
I will climb to watch you cower when the fateful time is right.

I learned it from your enemy's best friend.

You laugh in arrogance at your spoils of war.
Be warned. Your arrogance will lead to consequence.
So fresh is the patience that I've razor honed.
It is the only thing that's kept your skin on bone.

Your enemy's best friend.
I learned it all. It goes on and on and on forever.