The HAXXAN and GRIMALKIN are here

 Today we've released a second run of my bass (The Haxxan), as well as unveiling my new guitar model (The Grimalkin). Both instruments have been designed by me and crafted by Iron Lung Guitars in London, England to my specs. Each instruments been meticulously examined and tested to ensure both the highest quality playability as well as durability. The Haxxan will be limited to 5 models & The Grimalkin limited to 6. Fun fact about the Grimalkin’s design- I love the concept of Witch’s Familiars (particularly in feline form) so I designed it with that vibe in mind (thus leading to both its name and cat’s head-stock). Should you opt to leave your wound strings unclipped the headstock will wind up with a rather nice set of whiskers! 

Pricing info, shipping info, and all related specs can be found HERE. Huge thanks to Iron Lung Guitars for laboring alongside with me on these. We’ve spent a huge chunk of this year making these happen so we’re pretty stoked to roll them out.