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TRACE OF A STRANGER Illustrated Lyric Book 


The next installment of the BLITZKID illustrated lyric book series ascends the murky depths and into the shadows of 

In keeping with the series' classic CRESTWOOD HOUSE MONSTER BOOKS theme, this newest addition presents 18 pages of handwritten/hand-drawn illustrations-covering each track off of Blitzkid's 2003 album- TRACE OF A STRANGER! 

Each 8.5" x 11" book features full-color glossy pages and is bound in a satin-finished saddle-stitch cover. 

In conjunction, we are also releasing a new shirt/sticker design directly inspired by the Crestwood Monster Series itself. 

BOOKS! Check em' out! 



The HAXXAN and GRIMALKIN are here 

 Today we've released a second run of my bass (The Haxxan), as well as unveiling my new guitar model (The Grimalkin). Both instruments have been designed by me and crafted by Iron Lung Guitars in London, England to my specs. Each instruments been meticulously examined and tested to ensure both the highest quality playability as well as durability. The Haxxan will be limited to 5 models & The Grimalkin limited to 6. Fun fact about the Grimalkin’s design- I love the concept of Witch’s Familiars (particularly in feline form) so I designed it with that vibe in mind (thus leading to both its name and cat’s head-stock). Should you opt to leave your wound strings unclipped the headstock will wind up with a rather nice set of whiskers! 

Pricing info, shipping info, and all related specs can be found HERE. Huge thanks to Iron Lung Guitars for laboring alongside with me on these. We’ve spent a huge chunk of this year making these happen so we’re pretty stoked to roll them out. 




ACWNN Productions Presents Phantom of the Opera Documentary.  

“Phantom of the Opera: Unmasking the Masterpiece” (a documentary I’ve produced for Witch’s Dungeon Films) will go on sale this Friday at 1pm EST at The documentary is colorful introspective look at how the image of “The Opera Ghost” has become iconic in art and culture with emphasis on the three main film versions starring Lon Chaney Sr, Claude Rains and Herbert Lom. Film historians Michael Blake and makeup artist Tom Savini take you behind the scenes while Carla Laemmle (niece of Universal Studios founder/actress in the 1925 version) along with Chaney’s great grandson Ron Chaney share personal insights into the figureheads behind the timeless film. As a bonus- former Broadway Phantom Hugh Panaro reveals the makeup secrets used in the Broadway stage play, and a rare visual tour of the now destroyed 1925 Opera House set is included. The 4 page booklet showcases film still/posters restored by director, Cortlandt Hull of The Witch's Dungeon as well as a welcome/review by the one and only Mark Hamill.

Inventory is limited to 100 copies and ships worldwide.

I’m very proud to have produced this film and am positive anyone who loves the enduring mystique of this story will find it an invaluable trove of knowledge and imagery. Long live the horror!

-Argyle Goolsby

Blitzkid Celebrates Dr. Caligari's Centennial  

In honor of the 100th anniversary release of the seminal horror classic- THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, Blitzkid will be releasing a special edition commemorative shirt on 03/10/20 to celebrate the legacy of this enduring expressionistic classic!  The classic blitzbat has been clad in the same warped, angular distortion that made this groundbreaking movie so distinct, unsettling and immediatelyi identifiable.  The LONG LIVE THE HORROR backprint is in the movie's original font, and a titlecard themed print tag salutes its 1920 release year.  It's available in sizes S-3XL, ships worldwide and can be picked up HERE! 


Argyle Goolsby and Von Erickson Labs team up 

Argyle Goolsby just entered an endorsement with Von Erickson Labs whose SKULL MICROPHONE is now in the band's clutches!  A total match made in heaven, and with genuine Shure 55 mic components firing inside, it sounds incredible. Check these guys out: and see it live this summer!